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Happenings around New England and beyond...

Next Up - Cranberries & Cannon Balls - Carver Ma. - Kirby & Carolyn Gilmore - September 14
On this one day tour we may see some cranberries but I doubt that we will see any cannonballs which by the way were made from the ferrous iron ore that was mined, smelted and forged into cannonballs for the effort against the British during the great Revolutionary war and the war of 1812. The cranberries came later as the shallow pit mines were reclaimed to cranberry production as the latest fruit craze at the end of the 19th century.
Our tour will begin in South Carver where there is ample parking for trailers, and proceed to our first stop along newly paved back roads to Pine Hills Golf Club where coffee and gasoline is available for those who need their caffeine fix. From there we will wander across some of the best of Plymouth and on to the private land of the A.D.Makepeace Company's vast cranberry bogs, where if we are lucky, we will be able to see some of the first harvest. A stop at the Makepeace headquarters and store, will then take us through the Coastal town of Marion to lunch at a newly renovated locally popular restaurant. After lunch we will proceed to Benson's Pond to see and participate (maybe) in the cranberry harvest before returning to South Carver.
Meet us at 25 Cranberry Road, South Carver, MA, where there is ample room for trailers. We would like to start the tour at 9:00 AM to travel the 50+ miles of winding roads until lunch.
Warning: there will be a few miles of dirt road, some of which will not have alternative routing.
Please come as early as you want.

From the North or South, take Rt. 495 to exit 2 to MA-58 (Tremont St.) toward Carver/Plymouth for 2.8 miles.
Stay straight on Tremont St., following signs for Myles Standish State Forest, for 0.8 miles.
Turn Right on Cranberry Road, for 0.3 miles, and right at 25 Cranberry Road at Gilmore Cranberry Co.

We would like a head count for the restaurant and a car count for the directions.
RSVP: Kirby’s cell: 508-863-6106, e-mail:
Home (messages – 508-763-5206.)

Who or what is an Autoneer?
The first use of the term is found in the "Overland Monthly" from 1902. It is a contraction of the words "automobile" and "pioneer" and was used to describe those indefatigable folks who first took to the paths and byways of America in their new form of transportation. Today, this anachronistic term is revived by an enthusiastic band of New Englanders who pay homage to those who have gone before. The group that calls itself the Autoneers is a collection of car folks who enjoy driving their brass cars and showing the world what automotive transport was like in the early days. The Autoneers was first organized in 1980 and held our first tour in September of that year. In 1990 we joined forces with the Horseless Carriage Club of America by becoming their New England Regional group. We conduct at least 6 events (tours) each year and also host other events for the HCCA. Our outings range from 1 day tours, weekend happenings and even week long events. Our tours are limited to non-modified vehicles built in 1914 or before, and other vehicles through 1916 that retain the hallmark characteristics of the brass era such as Ford cars. These tours offer a wonderful way to enjoy the back roads and country lanes of New England and share their love of these antiquated vehicles with all the folks we encounter.

HCCA membership is required of all Autoneer touring members. Prospective members and guests are encouraged to attend.

Have a brass car and want to join us? Click Here

Running a Tour for the Autoneers (or others)?
Here are some printable documents that might be helpful if you need to pull a tour together.
Click One day tour for an essay on running a one day activity.
Click Multi day tour for a formal layout of a multi-day activity.
Click Participation for the essential list of attendees for our records.

Show your Colors proudly!
Available to our membership only for the unbelievable price of only $10 is this solid brass personalized name badge.

                      Autoneers name badge

                      This custom product is NOT available in stores!!!
                      Operators are standing by...
                      Email: or phone (508)842-8250 for details.

Club members are encouraged to keep this website up to date. Please email any suggestions to your