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Pictures (2010 and Prior)

Club members are requested to keep this section updated.
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Samplings of before 2011
1912 Moline
 Tony & Janet Trippi
authentically garbed for the cold 1908 Locomobile
 Fred & BJ Gonet 1913 Hupmobile Roadster
Occupants unknown (so far) 1913 Ford Touring,
Larry & Carol Hoagland
1909 Cadillac Touring
 Bart & Lucy Carlson Richard Schill's 1913 Winton
Adorned for Halloween White on White
 1913 White
 Geoff & Marion Warburton 1910 Buick
Skip Carpenter & Mystery Guest
1910 Stanley
Denise & Joel Smith#10;Tihonet Village Kicking up dust
among the cranberries 1907 Buick and owner Bill Jones
A boy and his toy playing in the dirt! Old style touring on old style roads
Light House
Camden ME 2009 Tour 1910 Ford of Jon Rising
Traveled from FL to ME to tour! Country Store stop somewhere in ME Case steam traction engine
(did not complete the tour)
Some streams are too deep to ford
the Atlantic is one of them 1912 Stevens Duryea
Randy Riley Hitting the dusty trail
somehow, doesn't quite get it all said Dick Wells with his trusty 1909 White steamer